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Solus Decalogus Est Aeternus

Solus Decalogus Est Aeternus

The Antinomian Theses & Disputations

Edited by Holger Sonntag

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Why the Antinomian disputations? Why now? Whether it is the disappearance of the last generation of native-German speaking Americans, a residual post-World War II anti-German bias, or simply neglect, the theology of Luther that made its way out of the 16th century seems to have devolved, at least in the United States, into simple caricature. If known at all, Lutheran theology seems simply to be that which bolsters or buttresses contemporary theological concepts, ideas and trends…By bringing an unknown work of Luther to light, once again the reader is forced to consider the greater question of his theology in toto.

This 416 page side-by-side Latin/English work presents Luther’s Antinomian theses & disputations for the very first time in English, and is a must-have for anyone interested in Lutheran theology.

Paperback; Latin/English; 416 Pages; 9" x 6"
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748529-5-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2008923858



An English version of this academic work, Only the Decalogue is Eternal, is also available.

Don’t Tell Me That, an easy-reading adaptation of the Antinomian theses, is a perfect companion book.

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