About the Book Series

Luther For Today

The Lutheran Press Luther For Today series is the centerpiece of its publication efforts. Each book contains a newly translated work of Martin Luther, cut into short sentences and chapters, to facilitate understandability. Study questions have been included at the end of each chapter to assure that the text has been rightly understood. An extensive afterword provides both the historical and theological background of the work at hand.

The topics the Luther For Today series addresses are right out of the church today: Christian faith, rebaptism, the work of the Holy Spirit, the presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper, Christians fighting in wars, marriage, etc.

These books are great for personal study, being easily read and referenced. Many people have found themselves returning to the same volume again and again and again!

Consequently, they are also wonderful resources for smaller or larger group studies. And their cost remains among the lowest in the market.

Their value has been recognized internationally as many have been translated and are now being used in China, India, South America and Africa.


Luther For Today (Spanish)

Many of the books in the Lutheran Press Popular Series have been have been translated and are now being used in China, India, South America and Africa. We are very excited to be able to offer the Spanish translations of some of these titles directly from our website.


Cygnus Series

The Cygnus Series features more extensive theological works of Luther or other Lutherans that have never been published in English or modern Germany. Intended for the theological student, pastor or scholar, the aim of the series is to make available a valuable resource for study which up until the present time, has been the purview of the few nowadays who are competent in Latin or 16th century German.

By offering such works, it is hope that a clearer picture of the development of Lutheran theology will occur allowing for greater understanding of especially the Lutheran confessions.


General Works

Lutheran Press has not unfrequently been given the opportunity to publish works addressing Lutheran theology which do not fit into the programs of its four series. These are books that are certainly deserving of study and attention but would otherwise not be made available to the public.

They are offered here as an ongoing service to the Lutheran church at large by Lutheran Press.


Questions in Lutheran Theology and Church

Questions in Lutheran Theology and Church is a series dedicated to address publicly issues and questions that have been raised within the official organs of Lutheran church bodies around the world such as conventions, journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and the books of church-body-sponsored or owned publishing houses. Especially in cases where public reaction within the Lutheran church has been officially solicited, Questions in Lutheran Theology and Church provides the opportunity  to disseminate thoughtful responses to such solicitations and thus promote churchly dialog, especially on issues that are troubling the Lutheran church on the parish level.


Blue Papers

The Blue Paper series was originally created by Reclaim Resources to address the specific theological challenges face by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America soon after the turn of the millennium. As that situation has remained extremely fluid, and organizations and efforts of one form or another have come and gone, Lutheran Press was offered the opportunity to continue the series. In that the topic of the initial volume, the Lutheran liturgical heritage, continues to be of great interest to modern-day Lutherans the world over, and that of the second volume, confirmation, equally so, Lutheran Press gladly assumed its publication under its own editorship.


Congress on the Lutheran Confessions

The Congress on the Lutheran Confessions is an annual national free conference sponsored by the Association of Confessional Lutherans and the Luther Academy of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The congress has been held in the Midwest–first in Chicago, now in Minneapolis–since 1989. Each congress has dealt with a specific theme that addresses a contemporary challenge to the confessional Lutheran church, with Lutheran scholars from around the world delivering original research addressing that theme. The papers of each congress are then published in a single volume for wider dissemination of the ideas discussed.


Pieper Lectures

Sponsored by the Concordia Historical Institute (St. Louis) and the Luther Academy (Ft. Wayne, Indiana) and hosted by Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, the Pieper Lectures are dedicated to the study and discussion of historical theology. Established in honor of systematician Francis Pieper (1852-1931) professor and president at Concordia Seminary (1887-1931) and president of the German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States (Missouri Synod) from 1899 to 1911, these lectures are intended to address issues currently under discussion in the church and to provide an historical context useful for this discussion.