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Don't Tell Me That!

Don't Tell Me That!

From Martin Luther’s Antinomian Theses

Translated by Paul Strawn

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Martin Luther’s Antinomian Theses recast for the modern reader!

Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation in 1517 by asserting that “When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said ‘Repent,’ (Mark 1:15) He meant that the whole life of the believer should be one of repentance.” Twenty years later he discovered that questions concerning this assertion were still being asked: What is repentance? How can the “whole life of the believer” be spent repenting? Is not the Christian, redeemed by Christ, to live a life of joy, free from the guilt created when sin is exposed by the Law of God? Luther’s answers to these questions will help today’s Christian to gain greater insight into basic Christian living.

Formatted into 12 simple chapters along with study questions, this 80 page book is perfect for personal devotion or Bible study.   

Paperback; 80 Pages; 8.5" x 5.5"
ISBN-10: 0-9748529-2-9



A Spanish translation of this work, ¡No Me Digas Eso!, is also available.

Luther's complete Antinomian Theses and Disputations is available in our companion academic title, Only the Decalogue is Eternal

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