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Who Is God? (Vol. 16, 2009)

Who Is God? (Vol. 16, 2009)

Papers presented at the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions, Bloomington, Minnesota April 22-24, 2009

Ed. by John A. Maxfield

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Syncretism/Unionism and the True God: Does God Compromise?
– James Bauer

Gods, Gods, and the Occult
– Todd Wilken

Does the Old Testament Really Support What Our Lutheran Confessions Teach about the Doctrine of the Trinity?
– Steven C. Briel

The One True God and Evolution-Can They Co-Exist?
– Frederic W. Baue

The God of Liberation Theology, the Replacement Religion
– Robin Fish

The God of American Evangelicalism
– Klemet Preus

Christology: Key to Understanding the Doctrine of the Trinity
– David P. Scaer

Banque Speech: Who is God?
– Daniel Preus

Pneumatology: Key to Understanding the Trinity
– Leopoldo A. Sanchez

The God of Civil Religion: Can We Pray to Him?
– David L. Adams

ISBN-13: 978-1-935035-09-1
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