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Convicted By The Spirit

Convicted By The Spirit

From Martin Luther’s Postil 235 – John 16:8-13

Translated by Holger Sonntag

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In today’s massive field of popular Christian literature it is common to find books about the End Times, about the Holy Spirit, and about Christ. Yet rarely are books found that deal with all three subjects at one time. As Martin Luther demonstrates in this work, all three topics do indeed belong together. In these End Times, the Christian remains in Christ by the working of the Holy Spirit. But what is that working? Is it in various types of manifestations which are interpreted to be fundamental faith-growing and faith-nurturing events? Is it in giving insight to individual Christians directly so that those around them can benefit from knowledge not to be found in the Bible? Is it in the creation of a specific emotion which is understood to be faith itself? By treating passages from John 16, Jesus’ last words to his disciples before his crucifixion, Luther demonstrates that the work of the Holy Spirit is much more all-encompassing in the life of the Christian. Specifically, the work of the Spirit is to convict the Christian of his sin, his righteousness in Christ, and the judgment of Satan. Far from being simplistic ideas of salvation history, however, Luther demonstrates that the continual conviction of the veracity of all three is fundamental to the life of the Christian in the here and now.

Formatted into 16 simple chapters along with study questions, this 112 page book is perfect for personal devotion or Bible study.

Paperback; 112 Pages; 8.5" x 5.5"
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748529-7-3
Library of Congress Control Number: 2008941350
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