The American Book of Concord: A Sesquicentennial Celebration (Vol. 6, 2002)

Papers presented at the Pieper Lectures, St. Louis, Missouri, 2002

Ed. by John A. Maxfield

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ISBN 0-9659555-8-3


Gnesio-Lutheran Influence on the American Revolution    
– Oliver K. Olson

“The Priceless Treasure of the Orthodox Confession”: Confessional Subscription and Lutheran Identity in the United States
– Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.

 The Significance of David Henkel    
– Louis A. Smith

 The 1851 Book of Concord: In Anticipation of a Brighter Day    
– Mark A. Loest

 The Book of Concord and Confessional Subscription among Norwegian Lutherans—Norway and America
– Erling T. Teigen