Call and Ordination in the Lutheran Church (Vol. 10, 2006)

Papers presented at the Pieper Lectures, St. Louis, Missouri, 2006

Ed. by John A. Maxfield

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ISBN 0-9659555-3-2


Critical Decisions Regarding Call and Ordination to the Preaching Office in the Lutheran Reformation     
– Jobst Schöne

Call and Ordination in the Thought and Practice of C. F. W. Walther and in the Early Missouri Synod
– Cameron A. MacKenzie

Banquet Speech: “The God of Our Fathers” (Våra fäders Gud) by Bo Giertz    
– Charles Henrickson

The Old Ministry Debate in the Synods of the Synodical Conference and in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod Today
– Rolf Preus

The Preaching Office and the Preacher among American Lutherans Today    
– Steven Paulson

Call, Ordination, and the Preaching Office   
– George F. Wollenburg