We Confess, We Condemn…God’s Will and Work in Lutheran Perspective (Vol. 13, 2006)

Papers presented at the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions, St. Louis, Missouri April 20-22, 2006

Ed. by John A. Maxfield

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ISBN: 978-1-935035-02-2


Concerning Cross and Glory: Luther’s Heidelberg Theses, Postmodernism, and Contemporary Christianity
– Gene Edward Veith

Personal Holiness
– Klemet Preus

Luther Combats Speculation: Some Aspects of Luther’s Criticism of Speculative Theology in the Heidelberg Disputation, 1518
– Daniel Johansson

Concerning the Vocation of Christians
– John A. Maxfield

Banquet Speech: Why I’m a Missouri Synod Lutheran
– Edward J. Balfour

The Free Will: Confessional and Historical Perspectives
– David P. Scaer