Divine Multi-Media: The Manifold Means of Grace in the Life of the Church (Vol. 11, 2004)

Papers presented at the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions, Bloomingdale,
Illinois April 15-17, 2004

Ed. by John A. Maxfield

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Divine Multi-Media and the Screen of American Civil Religion: Three Examples
– Ken Schurb

Challenges to Inerrancy in the Lutheran Church Today
– Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.

Faith and the External Promise of the Gospel in Word and Sacrament: What God Has Put Together, Let Man Not Separate
– Brad Drew

The Difference Between the Lutheran and the Roman Catholic Doctrine of Sacraments
– Paul Lehninger

The Means of Faith
– Paul Anderson

The Means of Grace in the Old Testament
– Steven C. Briel

Prayer-Is It a Means of Grace? The Biblical and Confessional Prohibition of Inter-Faith Prayer and Worship
– Erling T. Teigen

The Lord’s Supper in the Life of the Congregation
– John T. Pless

The Sacraments: Weapons Against Spiritual Terrorism
– Fredrik Sidenvall

Luther’s Doctrine on the Lord’s Supper: Grounded in the Word
– Daniel Preus

Banquet Speech: Catholic, Protestant, and Lutheran
– Rolf Preus

Luther’s Understanding of Baptism – Grounded in the Word
– David P. Scaer