Contemporary Issues in Fellowship: Confessional Principles and Application (Vol. 10, 2003)

Papers presented at the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions, Bloomingdale,
Illinois April 24-26, 2003

Ed. by John A. Maxfield

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Christians in the Arena: Confession, Conflict, and Compromise in the Church in Contemporary Culture
– David L. Adams

When is Prayer a Matter of Church Fellowship?
– Kurt Marquart

The Impossible Conjunction: Yahweh AND . . .
– Dean O. Wenthey

“A Prayer for America”: An Analysis
– Charles Henrickson

Living the Paradox: Western Cultural Tolerance and the Lutheran Religious View of Faithful Confession
– Ronald R. Feuerhahn

Doctrine and Practice: Setting the Boundaries
– David P. Scaer

Confessional Fellowship as Practiced in Foreign “Mission” Settings
– Klaus Detlev Schulz

Teaching the Principles and Practice of Lutheran Church Fellowship
– William R. Brege

The Third Use of the Law and Church Fellowship: A Test Case from Norway
– Knut Alfsvag

The Orthodox Lutheran Heritage of Confessional Fellowship: What Does This Mean Today?
– Rolf Preus