Church Polity and Politics (Vol. 4, 1997)

Papers presented at the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions, Itasca, Illinois April 3-5, 1997

Ed. by John R. Fehrmann & Daniel Preus

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The Augsburg Confession and Polity: Where We’ve All Screwed Up
– David A. Gustafson

Order in the Church: Ekklesia and the Body Politic in Light of Ephesians 5:32
– Daniel N. Jastram

The Evaluation of Cultural Influences on Church Structure
– Gaylin Schmeling

Ecclesial Polity and Governance in the Early Church
– William Weinrich

Demagoguery or Democracy? The Saxon Emigration and American Culture
– Lawrence R. Rast,Jr.

Christ and His Bride – A Holy Marriage: A Biblical Model for Church Polity
– William R. Brege

Authority in Polity: the Congregation and the Holy Office
– Ronald R. Feuerhahn

District Presidents and Their Council: Biblical and Confessional Limitations
– Martin R. Noland

Banquet Presentation
– Rolf Preus

Lutheran Polity in the American Context
– Kurt Marquart