Free Book Downloads

Lutheran Press offers all the books in our Popular Series on the internet free of charge. If this is the only feasible way for you personally or your study group corporately to obtain copies of these works please feel free to make copies of the downloaded material. If, however, it is economically feasible for you to purchase copies from us, please do so, as monies from the sale of our books go directly toward further production of similar works. Downloaded works may not be resold or republished without permission.

Click on the document icon next to the title of the book you wish to download. The books are published in PDF format, so you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader already on your computer.

How to Live a Christian LifeHow To Live A Christian Life, 2nd Ed.


Don't Tell Me That!Don’t Tell Me That!


Did My Baptism Count?Did My Baptism Count?


How is Christ There?How is Christ There?


A Christian Holy PeopleA Christian Holy People


Convicted by the SpiritConvicted by the Spirit


Christians Can Be SoldiersChristians Can Be Soldiers


What is Marriage Really?What is Marriage Really?


Note: Some works are not available for free download due to potential licensing and copyright issues with source text.