Popular Series

wimr-web-smallWhat is Marriage Really?$6.00
Martin Luther lays out what marriage truly is, how it is maintained, and how it is joyously lived. A wonderful book for those already married or contemplating marriage.

achp-web-smallA Christian Holy People$6.00
This work provides Luther's insights into the marks that identify a Christian congregation and how Christian congregations are to interact with one another.

htlacl2-web-smallHow to Lead a Christian Life$6.00
This great introduction to Lutheran theology and practice, written by Martin Luther, has been freshly translated from the German into easy-to-read modern English.

hict-web-smallHow is Christ There?$6.00
Many questions concerning the celebration of the Lord's Supper, including how Christ can be present with his body and blood and the proper use of private confession, are answered in this book.

dtmt-web-smallDon't Tell Me That!$5.50
A newly rewritten edition of Martin Luther's Antinomian Theses that sheds light on how a Christian is to understand and practice repentance.

dmbc-web-smallDid My Baptism Count?$5.50
Martin Luther addresses infant baptism and rebaptism in this short work and in the process outlines the basis of baptism. It is a must read for anyone contemplating their own rebaptism or the baptism of an infant.

ccbs-web-smallChristians Can Be Soldiers$6.00
A brief and comforting explanation of how Christians can serve as soldiers in war with a clear conscience and thus with confidence.

cbts-web-smallConvicted by the Spirit$6.00
Martin Luther provides a framework for addressing the question and confusion around the proper work and purpose of the Holy Spirit within the Christian church.

Cygnus Series

sdea-web-smallSolus Decalogus Est Aeternus$15.50
This Latin/English edition presents Luther's complete Antinomian theses and disputations for the very first time in English translation.

ode-web-smallOnly the Decalogue is Eternal$11.00
This work presents Luther's complete Antinomian theses and disputations for the very first time in English translation.

Questions in Lutheran Theology and Church

ufog-web-smallThe Unchanging Forms of the Gospel$6.00
A discussion of the theological limits of freedom in worship structured in response to a set of eight theses on worship recently published by the Council of Presidents of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Christian Worship$6.00
Is there really a Lutheran theology of worship? If so, what is it? In this truly groundbreaking work, Holger Sonntag and Paul Strawn lay out clearly that theology as it is found in the Lutheran confessions, culminating in 46 precise theses offered for further discussion. A must for anyone interested in worship in the Lutheran church.

General Works

mf-web-smallMatthias Flacius and the Survival of Luther's Reform$59.99
The first of a projected two-volume biography of the brilliant yet somewhat obscure Matthias Flacius (1520-1575) whose herculean intellectual efforts assured that Martin Luther's reforms would not simply pass into oblivion. A must have for any serious student of the Lutheran Reformation.

Blue Papers

bp1-web-smallReclaiming the Lutheran Liturgical Heritage$7.00
What has happened to Lutheran worship over the last 50 years? Has the adoption and adaptation of the practices of other Christian traditions negated the gospel-centered worship of the Lutheran Reformation? Oliver Olson answers this question and others in this brief and compelling work.

Reclaiming Lutheran Confirmation$7.00
In this work, noted church historian Oliver Olson explores what has happened to the practice of confirmation within the Lutheran church, why it has happened, and what ultimately can be done. A must for anyone who has children in confirmation instruction, or adults going through instruction. With short chapters and study questions, this work is great for small group study.