Having Everything we Need, What are we to Do?

Easter 2 Wednesday

John 20:21

“Jesus said to them again: “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” “

This is the first and highest work of love a Christian is to do once he has come to faith: Bringing other people to faith as well just as he has come to it. And here you see that Christ establishes each Christian and institutes the preaching office of the external Word. For he himself came with this office and external Word. Let us grasp this, for we must let the Lord tell us this: “You have received enough from me, peace and gladness, and everything you are to have. For your own persons you do not need anything else. Therefore, now go to work and look at the example: As I have done, so you do also. My Father has sent me into the world only for your sakes so that I may help you, not for my own benefit. This mission I have carried out, have died for you, and have given you everything I am and have. Therefore, think and do likewise by serving and helping everyone. Otherwise, you would not have anything to do on earth. For by faith you have enough of everything. This is why I send you into the world as the Father has sent me, that is, that each Christian should instruct and teach his neighbor so that he may also come to Christ.” These words do not give authority only to the pope and the bishops, but all Christians are commanded to confess their faith publicly and bring others to faith as well. Moreover, once you have carried out the highest work and have taught the correct path of truth to other people, think also to continue and serve everyone. Thus, here follows the example of life and good works, not to merit or purchase anything by your good works, because you already have everything you need for salvation.


St. Louis ed., 11:730.

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