Whose Hope is the Best?

Pentecost 20 Tuesday

Psalm 62:5-7

“Yet my soul is silent before God; for my hope is in him. God is my rock, my salvation, and my protection; it will be well with me. My prosperity, my honor is with God, the rock of my strength; my confidence rests in God.”

Given that Saul’s courtiers and the whole world and the false spirits are so deceitful, what is a good heart to do here? Do nothing other than be silent and quiet; let them lie, deceive, think and do what is evil; simply entrust your cause and yourself to God and hope in him. Let them serve men and princes with such evil deceit and hope in them. It will show whose hope is the best one…Here David begins to warn and exhort. For he compares God and man, as if he wanted to say: “Well, now you have heard my example, how things go in the world and especially at court where you find the cream of the world’s crop. Compare, then, God and man and you will certainly find what I have found, namely, that my salvation, my honor is with God. This means that my God wishes to help and he can help; he gives health, fortune, and salvation; you can rely on it. He is also my honor, that is, he also gives enough honest possessions, power, and dignity that are kept.” For honor in Scripture is not only the good reputation, but also the goods from which the reputation sounds forth, as in Matthew 6:29: “I tell you, Solomon in all his honor was not dressed like one of these.”… Yet the godless seek also this from princes and people. “The rock of my strength,” that is, God is the foundation and courage on which my strength and rule rest. “Strength” means here, as almost everywhere, the might or power to rule a principality or kingdom, so that he would comprehend everything in this verse. “My prosperity,” that is, all my good fortune and well-being; “my honor,” that is, all my possessions and abilities; “my strength,” that is, all my power and authority–
in summary: If there is something that I can have on earth–be it health, power, possessions, honor, reputation, might, authority, and everything combined–I will not entrust it to, or expect from, the emperor, kings, princes, or any human being. Let it stand and fall, remain and disappear as God wishes. If he upholds it, it is upheld for sure, even if the entire world wants to cut it down. When God cuts it down, it gets cut down for sure, even if the whole world want to uphold it.
Likewise, my confidence rests in God, that is, I will not only look to God for all good things; I will also defy all adversity under his protection. For I hope that he will not forsake me. People forsake you all the time and no confidence is certain there.

St. Louis ed., 5:29-31.

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