Lay Your Pile of Prayer Before God

Pentecost 20 Wednesday

Psalm 62:8

“Hope in him always, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is our confidence.”

David is saying: “Since God is gracious toward me, you should all follow me faithfully; he will be gracious to all of us. I have experienced it; this is why I can counsel you comfortingly.” Let Saul, pope, emperor, king, princes, and everybody else rage–fear not. Hope in God. He will not fail you. Again, let Saul, pope, emperor, king, princes, and everybody else laugh, comfort you,and make promises to you–do not hope in them; do not rely on them. They are uncertain in both body and heart. Their body falters; their heart soon changes. God remains firm, so that you may rely on him in good times and in bad. If you lack anything, look, here is good advice: “Pour out your heart before him;” bring your lament before him; do not hold back anything. No matter what it is, just put it on a big pile before him, as if you completely opened your heart to a good friend. He gladly hears it and gladly wants to provide help and counsel. Do not be shy before him; do not think that the request is too great or too much. Get it out confidently, even if it were sacks of need. Get it all out; God is greater, and also can and wants to do more, than our shortcomings. Do not come just with bits and pieces; God is not a man of whom we could beg and ask too much. The more you ask, the more he loves to hear you. Just pour it all out; do not just sprinkle a few small drops. For he too will not give you a few drops but pour out a deluge over you–”God is our confidence,” that is, he alone is our refuge. For everybody else is too insignificant to be able to let us pour out our hearts before them. If I let a single drop of my heart out before the emperor, he would have to become a beggar himself. For he could not satisfy a single drop of my need. Why, then, should I look to him or take refuge in him, if I am to pour out my heart completely and constantly? Indeed, men are nothing!

St. Louis ed., 5:31-32.

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