Secretly and Quietly Rely on God

Pentecost 20 Sunday

Psalm 62:1

“Let my soul be silent before the God who helps me.”

David is a very experienced man who, raised and tested at the court of King Saul, saw much evil deceit by which the courtiers flattered the king for the sake of money and honor, placing all their confidence in the king’s good graces and did for him everything he desired, even it if was against God or man. This is why David had to endure much evil deceit from them when they saw that the king himself was his enemy and wanted to kill him…We see this to this day in the halls of power. It has always been this way: when the courtiers and financiers see what pleases the princes and bosses and when there is hope to pick up some money or other favor, they confidently do and say what ever they think pleases those on
top–as long as they become rich and powerful, they do not care whether the poor and the righteous perish or prosper. In fact, this does not only happen in the halls of power; this happens in all stations in life. For it is the world’s way; the world stays the same: People flatter to get ahead. People rely on the favors and help of other people and despise God and hurt their neighbor in the process. In all this, people want to be good and may even praise God’s Word and all righteousness as if they were the very best. David wrote this psalm against such rogues, as a salutary teaching and warning. He teaches us here not to rely on people even if they were lords and kings, but only to trust in God. He also warns us; for trusting in people does not end well…This is why he says here: Far be it from me that I should draw my
comfort from princes or people, as the godless courtiers do. I will gladly be obedient to the king, serve him, seek and foster what is best for him; I will gladly help and advise him, support him with body and possessions. However, I will not rely on him to make me rich, exalt me, or save me. For the weather might change tomorrow, and the king will persecute me…David also says that his soul will be silent before God, that is, I am silent and keep a low profile among the godless who defiantly and proudly rely on people and lords. Yet I entrust myself to God, secretly and quietly rely on God. They do not know it and think I am a fool since I do not come out and confidently engage in flattery with them and seek money… David also says that no one but God will help him; he is certain. “He,” it says, “helps me”–that is, all my fortune, wealth, well-being, and whatever I am to have and need come from God.

St. Louis ed., 5:24-26.

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