Rather Chatter About the Law

Pentecost 16 Wednesday

Psalm 1:1-2

“Blessed be the man who does not walk in the counsel of the godless, walks the way of the sinners, or sits where the mockers sit but his will is in the law of the Lord and he shall meditate on his law by day and night.”

This meditating and chattering is not without condemnation, unless the will is there first. Love by itself will teach you what to say. Yet we must despair of our abilities and must, instead, ask for it from heaven in humble faith in Christ. Note this well: It is the nature of all lovers that they gladly chatter, sing, write, seek, joke, and hear about the object of their love. This is also why this lover, the blessed man, talks about this beloved object, the law of the Lord, has it in his heart, and hears it, if possible, at all times. For he who is from God, hears God’s Word, John 8:47. It says, “Your laws are my song in the house of my sojourning,” Psalm 119:54, and, “I speak of your law every day,” Psalm 119:97. Yet those who deal with pigs feed, who prattle by day and night about natural things, human opinions, endowed chairs, promotions, and the power and privileges of the church, and other foolish things–do you think that they are blessed people? They are much more wretched than those who prattle about their love interests or the fables of the poets. For the latter know that they act foolishly and can, in time, come to repent their chatter. Yet the former, who think that they act prudently and holily, remain in their godlessness until death and will finally in vain be sorry about their rights by which they have burdened themselves with the greatest injustice and evil deeds. For they do not speak of the law of the Lord.

St. Louis ed., 4:235.

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